Is nail polish safe during pregnancy?

Considering scientific reports, using nail polish remover while you are pregnant is considered to be safe. A pregnant lady should always consider using these chemicals in a very limited count. It should be ensured that she doesn’t use them on a regular basis. The nails won’t absorb the chemicals present in the nail polish remover, but the skin around the nail will absorb the chemicals and can enter your body easily.

Pregnant ladies should always try to stay away from chemicals like toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde. These chemicals are extremely dangerous and if you inhale these chemicals, it can cause diseases in lungs and heart. It can also cause irritation in eyes and can also lead to eye infections. Increased exposure to toluene can cause nervous disorders for the mom as well as cause birth disorders in the baby. Large amount of toluene can get inside your body through the skin. The muscle weakness can also be caused if you involve yourself a lot in nail equipment. It can cause various health problems as well. Long term exposure to this chemical can also cause cancer. For the pregnant ladies it is always preferable that are odourless and transparent. Always make sure that when you are applying the nail polish or nail remover, the windows and doors are open so that the chemicals doesn’t stay in air. Also, when you are drying your nail polish, try to keep it away from your body and make sure it doesn’t enter your body.

When you are pregnant, it is always safe to use the chemical free nail polish removers and also you can avoid acetone free nail polish removers in order to avoid any further problems.

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