Is nail polish toxic?

When you are a pedicure and manicure fan, you might tend to use a lot of nail polish remover in order to get your nails clean and emit a shining effect. According to the reports, the nail polish consist of toxin ingredients which can be harmful for the body and as well as health. Using nail polish remover is not entertained on a regular basis by anyone. It should be made clear to all the customers that what ingredients they are using through the nail polish remover by mentioning all of them on the label of the pack.

Due to many rules and laws that are passed by the committees, the nail polish removers have been made toxin free by removal of these ingredients. These ingredients are apparently the most important contents of a nail polish remover. Considering the importance of the situation, the nail colours have also been tested for the same cause in order to make sure that the elements which they are using for making their nails look pretty are absolutely safe and doesn’t harm your health and body. The harmful contents of these nail polish and nail removers can cause many health problems and it affects the pregnant ladies on a severe scale. It can affect both the mother as well as the baby. The expecting mother who is making use of acetone nail polish and nail polish removers on a regular basis can cause harm to herself and the baby. It can cause birth defects in the baby.

Always make sure that the nail polish brands that you use are good and doesn’t cause any harm to your body and health. You should not compromise your health with good looking nails.

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